Image text: "Apex Predators - A New Mobile Game in the App Store".

Apex Predators Game on Smartphone – A New Mobile Game On The App Store

The Apex Predators game is coming to the smartphone a new mobile game will soon be on the App Store. Based on the hit video game series of the same name, Apex Predators is set to be one of the best-selling smartphone games across the globe. The game promises to provide a high level of “immersion” and “cooperation” for players as they work to eliminate threats from both human armies and the dreaded creatures that roam the wastes of Apex City.

Players must work together in order to overcome obstacles and emerge victorious from every challenge. If you are a fan of the video game series then you already know that much of what you come to experience is rooted in reality, but there is always the chance that things will become a little too unreal for your tastes.

This is especially true if you have never played a mobile game before or if you do not have access to a smartphone with which to play. Fortunately, with the additional feature set of Apex Predators, this should not be a problem.

Available for those who already own the iOS version of the ARK mobile game

According to new reports in EA, Apex Predators will be available for those who already own the iOS version of the ARK mobile game. Although the Wii U version is not officially available just yet, we can expect it to arrive within the next few months. What is interesting about this news is that it indicates that there could be quite a bit of content included in the mobile port of the game. As such, those looking to enjoy a true outside battle in the wilderness should certainly consider picking up an iPhone or Android device to take on the role of “predator” in the Apex Chronicles: Battle royale game.

Mobile port to feature both first-person shooting and third-person fighting

Just as was true with the Xbox 360 version, the new mobile port will feature both first-person shooting and third-person fighting. Both versions of the gameplay will offer a wide range of options to those who enjoy having their own space to call their own. For example, players can choose to forgo engaging in foot fights in favour of going head-to-head with another predator in an effort to get their creature's meal. If that is not enough to satiate your hunger for action, perhaps seeking out a plant to harvest and plant in the world map will fill your belly just fine. The only problem with this particular aspect of the Apex Predators, and other ARK games for that matter, is that there is no word on how many characters you will be able to unlock in the mobile version of the game.

No major concern anticipated about video game performance on smartphones

When it comes to video game performance, many consumers have mixed feelings when it comes to the quality of games released on the market today. However, with the power of the iPhone and the ability to stream large amounts of content to mobile devices, this should not be a major concern. The same can be said for the 720p resolution offered on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. With these two devices being able to simultaneously browse the Internet and enjoy a high definition video game experience, the idea of having a low-end phone like the iPad at this point in time may seem absurd.

Minimal content at launch

The one issue that is likely to be an issue for an impending launch date of the Apex Predators mobile port is the minimal content that is available. It was announced that the mobile port would offer around two to four hours of action, which seems like a very short amount of time to spend playing. There are reports that the developers are planning on adding over twenty different creatures to the mix, but with only a handful of them being visible at any given moment, this could be hit or miss at best. That said, there is still time to get into action should the news about the mobile port reach the masses before the official Apex Legends release date.

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Image text: "Apex Predators Game on Smartphone - A New Mobile Game On The App Store".

Apex Predators – One of several quality game apps forecast to hit the App Store Soon

As the iPhone and iPad continue to dominate the mobile device market, it is expected that we will see a number of quality applications hit the App Store next.

While it is possible that this new application will be as good as all of the other applications already available, it is probably fair to say that we are just seeing the beginning of mobile gaming.

It is a well-kept secret that there are over twenty thousand apps currently available, but only a small percentage of those apps are actually notable enough to be listed in the App Store with a prominent launch date.

Hopefully, we will see large growth in the next few months, and the mobile gaming industry will finally begin to build in player numbers and develop into something that we all will come to know and love.

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    The sad thing about me being introvert and extremely shy to talk to people is that I can never have good teammate

    I’m really good at this game all I do is random

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    • April 9, 2021

    Apex Predators Game on Smartphone! Yohooo! Holy Moly! Great man!

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