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5 Ways to Reduce Packaging Waste & Why Reusable Bags Instead of Plastic Bags

Our 5 ways to reduce packaging waste are just some of the many ways to go green. It also just happens to be one of a few of the easiest ones that can really benefit the planet. Many people don't realize that going green can be fun too, and you don't have to be “green” to benefit.

5 Ways to Reduce Packaging Waste

If you're trying to save money, use any of the following tips, and you'll save money AND the planet:

1. Buy secondhand items whenever possible. Many stores have items that are close to “disposable” age, but that is in better condition than the retail price would indicate. Sometimes these items will have a money-back guarantee so you can try before you buy. Many times the items are in like-new condition and you'll save money over the life of the item. Even though you won't get the latest technology, you'll have a product that is in better condition.

2. Skip impulse buys. If you see an item that interests you, buy it. If not, don't buy it. That way you won't buy something just to have it, and you won't get something just to be rid of it.

3. Repair items that you own rather than replacing them. Repairing something rather than replacing something is one of the cheapest ways to reduce the number of goods being manufactured. This is especially true when repairing a product means keeping it in good working condition rather than having it working poorly.

4. Buy items in bulk to reduce packaging and package wastage. This saves money over the product's life and may help the environment by reducing petroleum use. It may also mean that your household has fewer bags to produce and recycle.

5. Invest in items that have long life expectancies and low maintenance. Some goods can be returned rather than replaced, so you can buy them again and again and save money over the life of the product. The same goes for items that are easy to clean. Cleaning is easy compared to doing repairs, and it allows you to do repairs on-site rather than sending the item to a professional for service.

If you follow these tips, you may not only reduce your packaging and waste, you may also save the planet by reducing the amount of petroleum that's used in manufacturing goods, transporting them, and recycling them. Now, you may be wondering if these things are really effective, and there is no doubt that there are many ways to reduce packaging, reduce packaging wastage, and reduce petroleum use. For instance, you can purchase reusable bags, look for products that are made with low packaging, and buy items with a long life expectancy and low packaging.

However, to take full advantage of the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” strategy, you need to implement the five tips above in your own life. Taking small steps is what counts.

Image text: "5 ways to Reduce Packaging Waste".

Why You Should Use Reusable Bags Instead of Plastic Bags

It is possible to purchase biodegradable and recyclable plastic bags that you can use to wrap your produce, snacks or lunch.

You can also purchase biodegradable disposable cutlery, bowls, plates and cups. Again, these products can be purchased in a range of shapes and sizes. These products can be purchased through many retail chains and website.

There is also a company that ships biodegradable disposable cutlery to your door. They ship these products straight from the supplier to the consumer. They only provide a prepaid return label and ship the product insured.

These products have come into being as a result of a huge public outcry and research. As a result of this research, there is a push by major retailers to get rid of their waste packaging as much as they can.  This is all part of creating a circular economy in which the vast majority of what society buys and uses can be re-circulated back into use again. That way the finite earth's resources will last so much longer.

Creating a “Circular Economy”

The public push resulted in there being a realisation in all the effort and time these companies have to dedicate to the waste and packaging issue. This resulted in all these major companies getting rid of their waste packaging whenever they can, or making it reusable. this is a trend toward what is known as the circular economy. In fact, they are looking at ways to recycle more and produce less waste. This reduction of waste is a real opportunity to get rid of waste in a cost-effective way.

When a business changes its packaging, this is called a “green movement”. When a business changes its brand, this is called a “green movement” or a “green pack”. The difference between the two is branding and packaging. This is because a green movement does not involve the actual product. So for example, a company could produce green rolling paper as opposed to using regular rolling papers. The reason why this is a green movement is that the company has not changed the actual product itself. The company could change the brand, the packaging and still have a waste reduction. Similarly, a green pack does not involve the product itself, the brand and packaging but has simply changed the packaging. The reason why this is a green pack is that the packaging is reusable or recyclable. There is a cost factor behind this concept, and it is the cost of the raw material. In the case of roll papers, this is the trees.

5 Ways to Reduce Packaging Waste – A Conclusion

The next time you are in a store and see waste on the floor or throw away product on shelves, you should raise your hand! If you do not raise your hand, then you are part of the problem and should know that there is a solution to waste. There is a solution to waste and there is a cost behind it. The solution is in the reusable bags and the cost is your time. In the case of waste, there is a solution, the cost is in the trees. So there is really a cost and it is time to join the movement.

The green pack has seen a huge uptake in America in the past few years. The US Marine Corps has also made the change to the green pack. There are many other armed forces that have made the change and the change is growing by the day. So the movement has seen real growth and it is time that all of us did as well.

So now is the time to make the change, not only for the environment but for your health as well. For you, your family, your employees and your customers are watching.

So take advantage of the movement to stop waste as you will see that you are already saving lots of time and money.

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