We happened upon this URL. liked it and bought it, and having bought it we discovered that it had been a gem of a website in the past! We also found that people were still looking for the most popular articles. That's why we have resurrected a few of the most popular writings from the web archive to give them the opportunity of seeing them again.

We feel that Jonas will support us in this. The following is text from his first KattK.org website back in 2008:

JonasOne day in the mid-90s, I connected and have never really disconnected since. It will be difficult to find something here that is not about computers or the internet. The cat's name is Felix and he is black and white. Nothing here is about cats.

From the beginning, it was thought that the Cat Basket would be a blog written from the cat Felix ‘perspective, but I realized in time that this is not what the world needs. In order not to waste a pretty fun domain name, I still wanted to do something of that project. So this is my exercise blog now, where I, with the help of other bloggers, learn the noble art of blogging.