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Homage to the Original Katt Blog

«About the Cat Basket»
“One day in the mid 90's I connected and have never disconnected since. It will be difficult to find something here that is not about computers or the internet. The cat's name is Felix and he is black and white. Nothing here is about cats. ”

I grew up in London in the '60s and' 70s and speak English as a native. However, with a clear London dialect.

A while ago I got an interview relay. You can read the result here.

When I connected online in the mid-90s, I realized that I had found my medium. The Weblog, or Blog in the form of WordPress, is my tool, even if you can do with much less.

Web publishing has developed into an interest and nowadays I write regularly in different places on the web.

In Bloggtidningen I write together with Mary X Jensen ( lnk ) and Rosemari Södergren ( lnk ). I have a contact page at www.jonasanderson.se .

Recently, I responded to a survey about me as a blogger. The answers are here: I am challenged…

This page would not be complete if I did not present any bloggers I am inspired by.

Harry Ring, for a long time, had a section in The Militant, a socialist weekly made in New York but with writers all over the world. Harry Ring did a kind of chronicle every week, “The Great Society”. Harry never wrote for the web but if he had been younger he would have and then “The Great Society” would have been a blog.

David Winer, who invented the blog, blogs on Scripting News, where you can read about the US presidential election, RSS and almost anything.

Doc Searls is the Editor-in-Chief of the Linux Journal and a diligent blogger ( lnk ). Here is something else that has to do with him.