Prins Harrys krig

Afghanistanveteranen Leo Docherty kritiserar fokus på brittiske kronprins Harrys pojkboksäventyr i Afghanistan. Han vill istället lyfta fram konsekvenserna för befolkningen i området där britterna är aktiva.

In September 2006, British forces attacked and occupied what was until that point a thriving agricultural town. This means that the local farmers, who are poor cash-croppers exploited by opium barons, grow a great deal of poppy. But the British arrival, as in other towns across Helmand, brought nothing but military might – no means of development, no improvement in local living standards and no alternative to the poppy.

Docherty är stark kritisk mot de brittiska aktionerna i området

The fighting rages still and opium production has soared to new
heights. Overwhelming firepower (the kind that Harry co-ordinates)
cannot resolve the fact that the British campaign in Helmand is
illogical; we are trying to fight our way to winning hearts and minds
and losing the trust of the population in doing so. Scores of civilians
have been killed by British ordnance in Helmand. In 2007, at least
6,000 people died in the conflict across Afghanistan, of which
approximately 1,400 were civilians. At least 500 of these deaths were
directly attributable to Nato forces, mostly in air strikes; 89 British
troops have been killed and 329 injured

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