Why are’nt I blogging in English?

Blimey! I’ve missed something

This time of night, just before bedtime, I normally do a sweep of the web. A round to check out the websites I read. This is a bit of a scavenging foray to see if I can pick up any ideas for the next day’s posts. Tonight I started following a lead to some English language blogs written by fellow swedes. It turned out quite a few bloggers who’s first language is Swedish also blog in English!

Why not me, I thought? Well, It has actually never occurred to me, although English is my second first language.

The story is this

My father used to write (years ago) for a Swedish daily based in Gothenburg. For more than ten years he was the papers foreign correspondent in London.

That’s how I came to have spent 13 years as a UK resident. From the early sixties and onwards.

This was a great time. I still think of London as an alternate home.

What to do?

So, is this a niche? I’m warming to the idea of blogging in English. It’s a new area to explore.


Rambling round the Swedish blogosphere I came across Oscar Swartz’ blog. Worth reading for his comment on the The Pirate Bay’s ongoing legal problems and some other quite bright posts.