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Fortress Europe prepares sci-fi borders – The INQUIRER

TECHNOCRATS at the European Commission have proposed a series of sci-fi border defences to protect Fortress Europe from the triumvirate of modern bogeymen: terrorists, ganstas and plain old foreigners. They want to track people using ”unmanned aerial vehicles”, or low-flying robot drone border guards, along with satellites and other ”surveillance tools and sensors”, all of which will be deployed along borders and the adjacent ” pre-frontier area”. First, however, they want to start taking fingerprints from every person who crosses a European border and store them along with records of their movements and backgrounds in the immigration databases it is already setting up. Roughly 300m people cross EU borders officially every year.

This little charmer really got us going upp here. The only people who are going to be able to move around are crooks and police.

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  • linda

    Gulp…… :(