Pipes and Filters for the Internet

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Yahoo!’s new Pipes service is a milestone in the history of the internet. It’s a service that generalizes the idea of the mashup, providing a drag and drop editor that allows you to connect internet data sources, process them, and redirect the output. Yahoo! describes it as ”an interactive feed aggregator and manipulator” that allows you to ”create feeds that are more powerful, useful and relevant.” While it’s still a bit rough around the edges, it has enormous promise in turning the web into a programmable environment for everyone.

  • ponor

    This looks like a really interesting development for non-techies… in that you don’t need to be a whizz at coding to get started… don’t like to be a downer on innovative ideas, but two things..A. Have they really considered what spammers might do with this? B. It’s Yahoo.

  • http://dragonrouge.wordpress.com/ dragonrouge

    My downer ranking was A. It´s Yahoo B. Will I understand this? C. It´s Yahoo D. What about spam? :)

  • ponor

    lol ; )